Recoverite Compression Wear

Recover your tired or injured muscles with Recoverite Compression Wear & Ice/Heat Gel Packs


High quality compression leggings with 8 pockets for ice/heat gel packs

Official recovery partner
of Adelaide United FC

Upgrade your sports performance with Recoverite Compression Wear

Blackburn Rovers FC & Recoverite Compression wear in action!

Recovering, training, running, cycling, playing, lifting, stretching or lounging


A must have for muscle pain, injury prevention or athletes who want to upgrade their sports performance and recovery. Use Recoverite for high quality compression. Add ClayFlex™ Ice and Heat to each product for an assisted warm up or quality recovery solution.

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warm-up, cool down, recovery or heal


ClayFlex™ Ice and Heat therapy items that can be applied to the compression garments to assist warmup or provide immediate recovery.

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If you’ve ever suffered from muscle soreness after exercise, injury or long periods on your feet,
you need the revolutionary Recoverite Compression

The combination of the highest quality compression clothing with the practice of ice and heat application results in an easy to use system designed for anyone to easily self manage their own recovery.

You can wear Recoverite Compressionware for high-quality compression by themselves, or you can add gel packs to the cleverly placed pockets. These gel packs with ClayFlex technology, can be heated up in the microwave for an assisted warmup, or iced in the freezer to apply immediately after exercise or injury for a quality recovery solution.


Recovery itself is a big part of football. You need to make sure you get the right recovery in. Recoverite add compression to your muscles & keeps them warm & ready for every game. So if anyone is looking at buying Recoverite, then I think you should definitely give them a try, because I highly recommend them & personally I think they help me a lot.

Harvey Elliot, Blackburn Rovers FC player

I love the concept of these pants & ice packs, combining compression, an ice bath & mobility! As someone who never was a fan of gents in leggings I am pleasantly surprised by the fit and how I feel wearing them.

Chad K. Jennings, Australia

From the moment I finish my workout, Recoverite allows me to begin recovering immediately, whilst also staying mobile. This brand is a true game changer!

Stephen Moore, UK

I like the Quantum compression gear a lot. They're super comfortable, easy to wear and they provide great support for my calves. A must have in my opinion!

Jelle Postma, Netherlands

I was getting pains through my calves and shins whilst out on daily exercise. Since I started to wear these, those pains have been much reduced. Pleasantly surprised with them, they’ve been brilliant.

Dan Heap, UK

Bought a pair a few weeks ago, amazing product, no more calf pains, highly recommend!

Lee Dunleavy, UK