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Insulated Carrier Bag

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Already purchased the Recoverite Compression Leggings and the ClayFlex™ Ice/Heat Gel Packs? Now you can recover on the go with the Recoverite Insulated Carrier Bag.

Recoverite ClayFlex™ ice/heat discs and packs can be used as ice/heat application for any kind of muscular trauma, injury, or treatment of ongoing conditions such as arthritis. These packs are designed to be either frozen in your freezer, or heated using a microwave, in order to transfer heat or ice to your body with maximum efficiency.

This insulated bag works effectively to retain the temperature of your ClayFlex™ gel packs. Whether you need your gel packs are hot or cold, they will stay are your set temperature for up to 4 hours with this premium quality insulated bag.

These slim line ice/heat gel packs and discs can easily fit into any of the pockets of your Recoverite Compression Wear products. 


  • Created using premium insulating material, this insulated carry bag is the best option for preserving your gel packs' temperature.
  • The insulated carry bag has two zipped in compartments, one for carrying your compression items, and the other for carrying your ClayFlex™ ice/heat gel packs and discs.
  • The Recoverite black insulated carry bag can be brought individually or purchased as part Recoverite Performance Pack.
  • Bag is light weight with a carry handle
  • The insulated material can keep your gel packs/ discs at your set temperature for up to 4 hours, allowing you to recover on the go.


  • 3-5 working days to Europe.
  • 5-7 working days to Australia.
  • 5-10 working days to the rest of the world.

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