Recoverite ClayFlex™ Upper Leg Ice/Heat Packs x2
Recoverite Upper Ice/Heat Packs
Recoverite ClayFlex™ Upper Leg Ice/Heat Packs x2

Recoverite ClayFlex™ Upper Leg Ice/Heat Packs x2

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Recoverite ClayFlex™ Upper Leg Ice/Heat Packs can be used to subside a muscular trauma or pain encountered during a workout. It works as an effective ice pack for leg recovery and relaxation. This pack also works as a hot pack for leg pain relief.

When you wear the Recoverite Compression Leggings, you can easily fit this Ice/Heat pack into any of the eight strategically placed pockets. These multi-utility gel packs can be used for compression therapy as well as heat therapy. This is because they employ the ClayFlex™ Ice and Heat Technology.

This heat/ice pack for the upper leg is customized to heal your thigh region when combined with compression ware from Recoverite.

This pack includes:

  • 2 x Upper Leg Gel Packs


  • The Gel Pack has a fast-freezing and quick heating process.
  • It is broad as compared to your lower leg gel pack and is designed to cover more area.
  • Usage of the gel pack helps in blood flow to the active muscle group.
  • Facilitates immediate recovery from muscular trauma or injury.
  • Has long-lasting temperature maintenance (<13 degrees) of skin surface for up to 25 minutes.
  • Easy to slip in the compression ware, slim-line, lightweight, easy-to-use, and carry.
  • It has an elaborate and flexible design that takes the shape of your upper leg when used and regains its original structure upon removal.
  • If you carry it in the Recoverite insulation bag, this Upper Leg Gel Pack can retain the same temperature for up to 4 hours.


  • Treat your injuries on the spot. This gel pack is one of the best ice packs for leg injuries. It can give you instant relief and initiate recovery.
  • If you frequently experience muscle spasms or cramps caused due to strenuous exercise, the heat pack leggings can help.
  • They work as a premium quality recovery solution that can be heated for an assisted warm-up or iced for post-workout therapy.
  • It prevents the tension of drained thigh muscles and relaxes them considerably. It is recommended to use them with the Recoverite Upper leg and legging compression ware for the best results.
  • Effective heat therapy increases the blood flow to the active muscles and speeds the metabolic process.


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