Recoverite Frequently Asked Questions

Will Recoverite Compression Wear reduce delayed onset muscle soreness?

Yes. DOMS is the cause of lactic acid buildup and the breaking of muscle tissue during exercise. This can cause subsequent muscle spasms, connective tissue damage, muscle damage and inflammation. Compression Wear allows for temperature regulation through increasing blood flow, reductions in lactic acid, minimises muscle oscillation, as well as a reduction in inflammation and swelling. Promotion of optimal cell and metabolic functions of the key damaged muscle will assist in the combating and allowing for quicker recovery times from DOMS.

Can Recoverite Compression Wear Enhance Your Workout?

Yes. Through the limiting muscle oscillation (shock), improvements in joint awareness and heightened oxygen delivery during exercise, compression allows for greater muscle output during your workout. Decreasing muscle stress results in the ability for higher workloads and smaller recovery times, thus enhancing your workout and performance.

Does Recoverite Compression Wear influence athletic performance and recovery?

Of course. Recoverite Compression Wear has a very positive influence on athletic performance. Increases in biological and metabolic muscle functions allows for great muscle output whilst also achieving a decrease in muscle stress. This improvement in the output to stress ratio allows athletes to push themselves harder and further than ever before. In terms of recovery, compression reduces the buildup of lactic acid and other metabolites influencing muscle soreness. It is recommended that athletes wear compression shorts immediately after exercise for a twenty-four-hour period to achieve maximum benefits of compression.

How does Recoverite Compression Wear differ from other compression brands?

Recoverite’s trademarked Quantum Compression; an easy and accessible product with all the benefits of highest grades of compression, is what sets it apart from the rest. Quantum Compression is a seamless, lightweight, breathable, medical grade compression. This level of compression and comfort is not available anywhere else. Unlike big bulky medical grade compression products, Recoverite compression wear provides mobility and comfort that can even be worn discreetly beneath regular clothes.

Recoverite's trademarked ClayFlex gel packs are also a major factor in how we revolutionise the industry. All of our compression wear have pockets which our ClayFlex gel packs can be inserted into to allow for ice/heat therapy. Learn more on our technology here.

Are compression socks good for people who stand for long periods of time?

Absolutely. Standing for long periods of time can cause muscle fatigue along with other musculoskeletal disorders, including, sprains and strains. Recoverite’s Compression socks offer all day comfort and mobility, promote muscle group alignment and joint awareness, limit muscle oscillation, increase oxygen delivery to key muscles, regulate muscle temperature, and prevent the buildup of lactic acid.

Do compression sleeves assist with post-workout recovery?

No doubt. Compression has a significant positive effect on performance parameters after exercise induced muscle damage. Compression allows for temperature regulation through increasing blood flow, reductions in lactic acid, minimises muscle fatigue, as well as a reduction in inflammation and swelling; translating to increased rates of recovery.

Can I use calf compression sleeves while playing football/soccer?

Yes. It is advised that compression sleeves are worn throughout all training and play. Calf compression sleeves increase blood flow throughout your legs assisting with oxygen delivery to your major leg muscles in use during training. This in combination with a decrease in muscle stress will allow for greater muscle and cardiovascular output. Infact, Recoverite Compression Wear are the official compression sponsor of Blackburn Rovers FC and Adelaide United FC!

How is Recoverite used to treat injuries?

Recoverite has a range of products that make the treatment and management of injuries easy and more effective. Recoverite’s range of calf, hamstring, quadricep, knee, elbows, shoulders and ankle products allow you to apply both ice and heat to injuries, post operative swelling and arthritic joints with ease. Specifically designed for each body part, Recoverite's compression combined with its Clayflex™ Gel technology makes injury treatment easier than ever before. Learn more on our technology here.


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