How to use – Recoverite

This is how you use Recoverite

Compression and ice/heat therapy made easy.

It's not just compression and ice and heat therapy.

It's not just performance enhancement, recovery or injury treatment.

It's all of it, combined.
And it's easy to use.

Using the highest quality compression fabric and clayflex ice & heat technology, we have made the benefits of compression and ice/heat therapy accessible to all athletes.

An enhanced workout

Choose Recoverite compression wear to enhance your workout routine, or add ClayFlex gel packs for an assisted warmup or cool recovery.

A controlled injury recovery

Compression clothing limits swollen muscles and fluid build-up when injuries occur. Apply heated and frozen ice packs to the compression garments to limit pain and to foster recovery.

Use for each activity

Recoverite compression wear is made to fit everyone, moulding to the unique forms of your body. Complete comfort no matter the activity - sport, train, relax, stretch, lift, walk or work.

This is how your Recoverite routine would look like:

Step 1

Warm up

Put on your compression wear. Prepare for your workout. Stretch. Experience how the compression wear gives support to your muscle groups, increases your blood flow, warms up your body.

Or opt for an assisted warmup. Put your ClayFlex™ gel packs into the microwave in a damp cloth. Add them to the cleverly placed pockets on your Recoverite compression wear. Warm up your muscles as well as increase your maximum dynamic strength and range of motion.


Step 2


Warmed up and ready to go. Remove the ClayFlex™ gel packs from your compression wear. Train harder and faster than ever before.


Step 3


Recover from your workout. Let the compression wear do the job, with increased blood circulation and toxins removal.

Or add some ice to your recovery. Take your frozen ClayFlex™ gel packs out of the freezer and place into the pockets on your compression garments, this will promote a decrease in recovery time.


Step 4


In case of an injury, make sure you take advantage of Recoverite’s revolutionary technology. Preventing inflammation and fluid build-up.

Add ClayFlex™. The gel packs help to reduce pain, stimulate muscle recovery, and shorten injury recovery time.

Finish your cooling down routine. Ready to go again!



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