Recoverite ClayFlex™ Upper Leg Ice/Heat Packs x2
Recoverite Upper Ice/Heat Packs
Recoverite ClayFlex™ Upper Leg Ice/Heat Packs x2

Recoverite ClayFlex™ Upper Leg Ice/Heat Packs x2

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Why settle for just compression? Add heat for an assisted warm up, or add ice for faster recovery from muscle trauma. Forget frozen peas. The Recoverite slim-fit gel packs feature ClayFlex™ Technology. The lightweight packs contour and reshape to the unique forms of your upper and lower legs feeling just right with each and every use. All you have to do is slip the slim line gel pack into your garment’s pocket to initiate maximum performance and recovery.

This pack includes two upper leg gel packs. It is recommended to use this pack with our upper leg and legging  compressionware. The Recoverite Insulated Carry Bag will keep your ClayFlex ™ products warm or cold for up to 4 hours.


Maintains ideal icing temperature of skin surface of <13 degree for up to 25 minutes

Fast freezing

Facilitates immediate recovery

Decreases pain through reductions in blood flow

Prevents over tension of injured muscles

Reduces muscle spasms and cramps


Increases blood flow to active muscles

Assists the metabolic reactions process

Increases muscle flexibility and ranges of motion

Increases maximal dynamic strength

Activates key muscle groups


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Welcome to the next level of performance and recovery