How Recoverite Compression Wear Helping You And The Environment To Rec

How Recoverite Compression Wear Helping You And The Environment To Recover

How Recoverite Compression Wear Helping You And The Environment To Recover

We all know the importance of recovery for ourselves to perform at our best. These days the same thing can be said for our environment, with approximately 3000 million tonnes of plastic waste being produced globally each year, and, of that, at least eight million tonnes ends up in the ocean. This is equivalent to the weight of the human population. Luckily, Recoverite is devoted to helping not only you recover but the environment as well.  


The team at Recoverite has developed a unique recovery and injury management system that can eliminate the millions of meters of plastic wrapping/film used by sporting clubs around the world. Instead of the ice filled plastic bags with the endless layers of plastic wrap we are so used to seeing on athletes when treating injuries, Recoverite has developed a full range of compression garments with a unique pocket system. These pockets allow you to insert Recoverite’s Clay Flex Ice and Heat Technology to improve the treatment of injury and promote fast recovery, without impacting the environment and adding to the plastic waste that is likely to end up in our oceans.  

Unlike other products Recoverite’s environmentally friendly compression range is stylish, streamline and can be used in any game day situation. Specifically designed to be applied pre and post training or games, Recoverite has strategically incorporated a zipping mechanism which maintains exceptional compression and muscle support, so instead of wrapping your ice with layers and layers of plastic, you can use the Clayflex ice packs inside your compression garment quickly, easily and without even having to remove your shoes.


Recoverite’s Compression range allows you to perform your best and use less plastic and play your role for the environment. However, it is possibly in Recoverite’s Clay Flex Ice and Heat Technology where this magic lies. Recoverite has created the Clayflex Ice and Heat Capsules; designed to enhance ice and heat application to the hard to reach parts of the human body. The composition and slimline design of the capsules allow them to mould to the more difficult regions of the body such as ankles, knees, elbows, and shoulders. Most companies would wrap these ice packs and capsules in plastic for delivery. However, with Recoverite’s ambition for environmental change they deliver their ice packs and capsules in an environmentally friendly, reusable mesh bag, not only making it safer for the environment but easier for storage.

Companies and organisations at all levels are looking for ways of having a positive impact on the environment and Recoverite has made a significant step towards reducing millions of meters of one time use plastic wrap going into landfill or entering our oceans.

Email  for more information and to join Adelaide United FC and Blackburn Rovers FC in caring for our environment.

Written by Joshua Giles, Medical & Sports Science


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