Olympic Frenzy - The Recoverite Difference

Olympic Frenzy - The Recoverite Difference

Olympic Frenzy - The Recoverite Difference

The Wait Is Over

It has been a challenging and turbulent journey towards a once in a lifetime event for our athletes. The Olympics five years after the last are finally upon us. Overcoming all the adversity thrown at us over the past year and a half, fans and athletes both truly deserve to enjoy this sporting spectacle. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Olympic athletes are driven by performance, whether in a race, on the field or in the ocean. Athletes aim to be at their prime at exactly the right moment and this is it! There is so much that goes into achieving this feat. The most impressive thing about all Olympic athletes is not only their performance on the day but the work they put in to get to the start line. However, achieving this requires getting the most out of your training and performing at your best day in day out. There are two factors that contribute to athletes being able to achieve this level of performance. One being the mental strength of the athlete to push themselves to the limit and the other their discipline and dedication to recovery.

Recoverite’s road to the Olympics:

Only focus on things you can control

Only focusing on things you can control is extremely important for all athletes but specifically Olympians in Tokyo 2020. Over the past 18 months we have been presented with challenges life can throw at us that we have no control over. Yes, it is incredibly easy to get caught up in these situations, however the difference between an Olympic athlete and recreational athletes is their ability to compartmentalize and focus on the job at hand and what they can control.


Live in the moment

Living in the moment is very important as an athlete. You have probably heard the sayings; “sport is 90% mental” or “trust the process”. But the reason these old adages are so popular is because they are so true. As an athlete you cannot get caught up in the result, the end goal or the past. Staying in the moment and focusing on what you have to do right now to be the best is the greatest way to achieve everything you strive for. This mindset will also allow you to navigate highs and lows with greater mental health and allow you to continually get better.


Yes! Always say yes

Always saying yes. One of the things we all strive to do, but barely any of us can achieve. The difference between Olympic athletes and other elite athletes is their ability to always say yes. But say yes to what? Saying yes to getting out of bed early for training, saying yes to putting in the extra hours of recovery, saying yes to extra training sessions, saying “yes I can do this” when in pain. This is the mindset of an Olympic athlete. If you truly want to achieve all your goals and be the best you can be... Always say YES!


Make a routine

Having a routine is extremely important when warming up for big events. There are many physiological benefits of warm-up as demonstrated in the table below. Having a specific warm-up allows you to ensure that you have achieved all the important RAMP factors of warm-up which leads to great performance.


Raise Activate
  • Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Metabolic reactions
  • Respiration Rate
  • Key Muscle Groups
  • Muscle strength and power
Mobilize Potentiation
  • Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Metabolic reactions
  • Respiration Rate
  • Key Muscle Groups
  • Muscle strength and power

There are also major mental benefits of making a routine. Having a routine allows the body to know what it is about to do. As crazy as that sounds it has been proven to be true. Athletes have been found to have physiological improvements from certain non-exercise based activities involved in their competition routine. Routines also allow athletes to achieve the greatest mindset for optimal performance.


Perform to your maximum level

At this point there is nothing more you can do as an athlete. You have put in the hours. You have made the sacrifices. You have given your all. It is time to give it everything you have. Performing at an optimal level is not just about being the fittest or strongest person on the day, it is the person who can put all these factors together the best. Believe in yourself, leave nothing to chance, give it everything and achieve your goals.


Ice, compression, rest, recover

Rest, Ice, Compression, is the gold standard in recovery. This treatment process will decrease pain, swelling, inflammation, reduce internal bleeding of soft tissue and increase the rate of muscular repair. This will allow you to be ready to go again quicker and easier than ever before, pushing yourself harder day in day out.


Consume the right foods

Consuming the right food is one of the most important parts of being an athlete. Without food we have no energy. It is vital that an athlete can formulate meal plans or have a general understanding of their macronutrient and micronutrient needs in conjunction with their performance goals. Whether you are leading towards a competition or looking to improve your body composition correct, specific, goal orientated, food consumption is pivotal.


Sleep well

Sleep is the most unappreciated health factor, let alone being the least appreciated factor influencing athletic performance. Sleep plays a role in the following parameters of athletic success.


  • Reaction time
  • Motor function
  • Motivation
  • Focus
  • Stress regulation
  • Muscle recovery
  • Fast twitch fibre recruitment
  • Muscle glycogen
  • Glucose metabolism
  • Memory and learning
  • Blood flow
  • Immune system
  • Unwanted weight gain


Work ethic and application to training and recovery is often what distinguishes a good athlete from a great athlete. Attention to all aspects of training including recovery is critical for producing consistent high-level performances. Every element of Recoverite is designed to heighten recovery application, decrease recovery times, and give our Olympians the Recoverite advantage.


Now get in front of your TV’s and cheer on our Recoverite and your countries athletes with us. Let us celebrate their greatness together!

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Written by Joshua Giles, Medical & Sports Science


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