How To Use Recoverite Compression For Pre And Post Workout

How To Use Recoverite Compression For Pre And Post Workout

How To Use Recoverite Compression For Pre And Post Workout

Pre- and post-workout supplements. They are extremely popular to athletes who want to get the most out of their workout. And they do help you get more out of your training routine.

However, you might experience side-effects of pre-work and post-workout supplements. These include, over stimulation, dehydration, increased blood pressure, addiction, Insomnia, Adrenal fatigue, potential drug test failure and potential energy crashes.

But what if you could achieve the benefits offered by supplements without any side effects? Well, now you can with Recoverite ClayFlex™ Technology: supplements that are reusable, multifunctional and suitable for pre-workout and post-workout

What is ClayFlex™?

ClayFlex™ Technology is a revolutionary technology that helps you warm up and cool down your body. Instead of consuming supplements, you can elevate your workout performance and recovery by applying flexible gel packs or capsules to your warm-up or recovery.


STEP 1: Put on your Recoverite compression wear

STEP 2: Place your ClayFlex heat/ice packs or capsules in the microwave for 2 minutes

STEP 3: Insert your ClayFlex™ heat pack into your Recoverite compression garment

STEP 4: Begin your warmup. Stretch your body. Activate your muscles.

STEP 5: Once warmed up, take out your ClayFlex™ heat packs or capsules and begin your workout

ClayFlex™ for post-workout

Post-workout is all about recovery and restoration of the body. It can be difficult to find efficient and effective methods of recovery. Yes, there are post-workout supplements but also here you can experience side effects after consuming them.

With the compression technology of the Recoverite wear, you are already halfway a good recovery before even finishing your workout. Compression garments help to regulate your body temperature and reduce lactic acid buildup and muscle soreness. If you add freezing-cold ClayFlex™ packs to your wear after your workout, you will experience the benefits of ClayFlex™ Ice Technology. ClayFlex™ slows down cell metabolism, reduces the impact of DOMS, and reduces inflammation and swelling. And there are a lot more benefits attached to wearing the Ice packs.


STEP 1: Before you work out, freeze your ClayFlex™ ice packs and capsules

STEP 2: When you’re on the go, take your frozen ClayFlex™ ice packs with you in Recoverite’s Insulated carry bag.

STEP 3: Finish workout and immediately insert your ClayFlex™ ice pack and capsules into your Recoverite compression garment

STEP 4: Rehydrate and refuel and rest

STEP 5: Place ClayFlex™ heat packs into microwave for 2 minutes

STEP 6: Insert your ClayFlex™ heat pack into your Recoverite compression garment

STEP 7: Complete your recovery

So, why consuming workout supplements when you can wear them? Boost your performance and recovery with ClayFlex™.

Email or more information and to join Adelaide United FC and Blackburn Rovers FC in effective recovery.

Written by Joshua Giles, Medical & Sports Science


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